Today, deforested areas are reinstated for controlled and sustained fiber production for paper and cartoon. Thanks to this, there are 400,000 hectares of trees that would not otherwise exist.

Cardboard is the recycled packaging par excellence, since in Spain are used for every 10 kg of paper manufactured 8.5 kg are recycled fiber. No other product reaches this figure. In addition to recycled par excellence, in the process you get more recycled cardboard with each life cycle without altering the quality. On the contrary the plastic in each cycle loses quality, and the polluting substances are concentrated in their molecules.

Cardboard is an entirely biodegradable product in the short term unlike plastic that is not, and requires a complex industrial process.

Recycling paper reduces the volume and extent of landfills as well as the emissions that are produced by natural processes in them. (The volume would be equivalent to 45 major football stadiums).

Tree plantations for paper and paperboard stabilize CO2. Trees absorb atmospheric CO2 and therefore contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. Therefore, this CO2 remains stored in paper and paper products in the ratio 1: 1.3. That is, each ton of paper stores 1.3 tons of CO2.

The replacement of the carton industry by the plastics industry would mean an increase in the annual atmospheric emissions of CO2 of 620,680 tonnes. For each ton of paper and paperboard that is recycled, 2 m3 of landfill, 140 L of oil, 50,000 of water are saved, and 900 kg of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.

The corrugated paper industry employs 18.2 times more workers than reusable plastic.

The paper and cardboard sector has decided strongly on the certification of forest masses, which ensures that the cellulose fiber comes from sustainably managed trees.

The cardboard enables the maximum possible adjustment to the packaged product by allowing greater variability of sizes and shapes than the plastic packaging. Therefore, it allows to optimize the space in the transport, and to reduce trips, fuel, as well as atmospheric emissions.

The design of brand in carton packaging today are no problem, as there are different printing modalities to customize the needs of all types of customers and sectors.