In Vegabaja Packaging respect for the environment is not an option, it is a conviction.
We thoroughly study our industrial processes to minimize waste, and to save non-renewable resources.

We use registered raw materials according to the European Environmental Agency.

We are a benchmark in our sector for the selective collection of waste for its treatment and management.

We carry out plans of minimization of waste, and saving of natural resources.

We look to the future and bet more and more on the environment.

We manufacture a product that is recyclable, innocuous, light and resistant at the same time.

Cardboard is the environmental packaging par excellence as it is Biodegradable in the short term, Hygienic, easy to separate and recover.

Our commitment is to help you enjoy a clean and lasting planet.

You are the link that closes our cycle.
Recycle our container!
Our products and installations comply with current sanitary regulations (Sanitary Law).

We comply with the new REACH Chemicals regulations.

The containers that we manufacture comply with the requirements of materials destined to be in contact with food CE 1935/2004.

We have been certified since 1997 in ISO 9001.

In order to offer our customers a product with minimum forest impact we have the FSC certificate.

The FSC certificate guarantees that all our products labeled with this seal come from forest managed in a sustainable way, providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

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