Banner packaging ecommerce

At Vegabaja Packaging we have a wide range of corrugated cardboard packaging for companies dedicated to selling products in online stores and ecommerce, aiming to offer them the best packaging solutions for shipping their products.

In an ecommerce business, the container used for the packaging and transport of products acquires great relevance to provide a good experience and achieve customer loyalty. For this reason, at Vegabaja Packaging we make sure that our corrugated cardboard packaging for ecommerce businesses meet the needs of the product and satisfy the expectations of the end customer.

• We have automatic bottom boxes to optimize productivity in the packing section.

• We help to identify the most suitable packaging for the protection of the product during transport.

• We offer secure and anti-theft solutions for shipping high-value products.

• We have reusable packaging solutions to facilitate the return system to the end customer.

• We customize the packaging with different printing techniques, exterior and interior, to enhance the brand and improve the experience of end customers when unpacking the product.

• We have an R + D + i department to create personalized packaging adapted to the needs of the product.